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The quality goal of Clean Sciences, Inc. is to achieve Total Customer Satisfaction through competitive prices, on-time delivery, and superior quality. We strive to attain these goals by ensuring processes are documented and verified by establishing tools which enable us to constantly review and improve processes.

Key Business Processes & Procedures

Quoting & Contract Review OP3-0301
Order Processing OP3-0501
Purchasing OP3-0601
Process Control OP3-0500
Production CR3-0901
Packaging & Shipping SR3-1502
Quality Acceptance & Inspection QA3-1101
Training OP3-1616

The Key Business Processes and Procedures are defined in the documents referenced above.

Criteria for ensuring the effective operation and control of these processes are identified by the process owners and form an integral
part of the objectives.

Improvement is measured in the areas of

Process Performance by:

•  Tracking and improving key in-process measurements via trend charts.
•  Daily tracking of On-Time
•  Tracking and monitoring rework.
•  Providing ongoing training.
•  Establishing goals, meeting and improving goals
•  Tracking Corrective Actions and Resolutions.

Customer Satisfaction by:

•  Customer surveys.
•  Customer Feedback logs.
•  Tracking repeat orders & new order increase from existing customers.
•  Referrals of new customers from existing customers.

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