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Clean Sciences specializes in precision cleaning for the Semiconductor Equipment Manufacturers, Solar, Aerospace, Automotive and Bio-Medical technology industries. We focus on service excellence and fast turnaround times to ensure that our customers meet their deadlines. Additionally, we can provide our clients with customized cleaning specifications to meet even their most rigorous certification needs.

Clean Sciences, Inc  is your source for Precision Cleaning.  Our standard lead time is 24 hours and in many cases, customers get their orders back same day! Friendly service, competitive prices, and quick turn-around time are why CSI is your first choice for Precision Cleaning, Chem Cleaning, Passivation, and Cleanroom Packaging

Clean Sciences Inc. is a leader in high tech cleaning technology and processes. Based in Fremont, CA, Clean Sciences has been in operation since 1994 and has been listed in the Bay Area's Top 100 Fastest Growing Privately Held Companies six times. Our President and CEO, Jonathan Kaye, was recognized as Entrepreneur of the Year for Service Companies in June 2000 by the San Jose Business Journal.


Recent precision cleaning news
February 22, 2013
In our quest for continuous improvement and to enhance our bath control measures, CSI has added the Mettler Toledo T50 Titration Unit. Learn More
April 24, 2012
Clean Sciences, Incorporated is now qualified to gross-clean components for the NIF Project. Learn More
April 1, 2012
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Since 1994, Clean Sciences, Inc., has provided the highest quality services in the industry including; Precision Cleaning, Component Cleaning, Chemical Cleaning and Passivation.  Clean Sciences, Inc., cleaning processes are performed utilizing various methods, depending on the material type and amount of contamination on the parts and the required level of cleanliness needed for the particular type of service.  Parts required to meet the most stringent cleanliness criteria are cleaned and packaged in our newly renovated facility.

Clean Sciences Precision Cleaning services utilize methods such as Ultrasonics, high purity solvents and detergents, chemical etching, hot DI water rinsing with Class 100 packaging in a Class 1000 Cleanroom. Clean Sciences has the capabilities to meet most Cleaning Specifications required by the Semiconductor, Solar, Electronics, Disk Drive, Aerospace, Medical Device, Optics and Pharmaceutical industries. Our staff can also work with you to tailor procedures that meet your specific cleanliness requirements.
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Precision cleaning is just part of the process.  To assure compliance, Cleanliness Testing for Solid Particles, Non Volatile Residues, Chemical and metal contamination can be performed by one of our outside labs.


Chem Cleaning of materials is vital part of many high tech operations such as disk drive, semiconductor, aerospace and medical industries. Since a strong scientific base has been the corner stone of all high tech industries which require cleaning as a necessary process step, therefore, it is highly advantageous for the cleaning industry to stand on an equivalent scientific platform and very critical to have access to all relevant scientific information. Through this knowledge base the intelligent decisions on the etch time and etch chemistry can be made.

The purpose of any cleaning process is to remove contaminants from a part that needs to be rendered clean. Contaminant removal, through chemical means, involves a chemical reaction that modifies the chemical composition of contaminants. Contaminant depositions could be in multi-layers which may be impossible to obtain a chemical solution to remove all contaminants in one step process. Moreover, it is very important to understand the dynamics and factors that influence chemical cleaning.  Cleaning contaminated parts involves two key steps; mass transfer and reaction kinetics, which consist of many dimensionless numbers. An increase in the value of dimensionless numbers such as Reynolds number, bulk Peclet number, Sherwood number and Schmidt number leads to increase in contaminant removal rates and hence the cleaning process.


Clean Sciences, Inc., offers stainless steel passivation, nitric passivation & citric acid passivation.

  • ASTM A 967, Chemical Passivation Treatments for Stainless Steel Parts
  • ASTM A 380, Standard Practice for Cleaning, Descaling, and Passivation of Stainless Steel Parts, Equipment and Systems
  • Federal Specification QQ-P-35C, Passivation Treatments for Corrosion Resistant Steels


Ultrasonic Cleaning is achieved by using transducers in or attached to the bottom of a tank to emit and radiate sound waves through the cleaning solution.  These sound waves cause millions of microscopic bubbles to form and grow, this process is called “CAVITATION”. These Ultrasonic Cleaning bubbles then collapse or “implode” releasing enormous amounts of energy. These implosions work in all directions to Ultrasonically Clean and remove contamination from the work piece. Clean Sciences, Inc., offers Ultrasonic Cleaning utilizing high purity solvents and detergents. All process solutions are monitored and controlled to ensure consistency and repeatability.

Specialty Part Treatment Services
Mechanical Cleaning ~ Texturing ~ Protective Coatings

Our sister company Clean Sciences Technology mechanically cleans and refurbishes fabricated metal and non-metal parts. They are highly skilled in surface enhanced bead blast texturing as well as restorative arc spray coatings.

Mechanical Cleaning Services  

Refurbishing Services
Texturing: aluminum oxide and glass bead blasting
Protective Coatings: twin-wire arc spray

Mechanical Cleaning Services  

Cleaning Services
Precision: standard and custom processes
Chemical: alkaline and base solvents, thermal/non-thermal detergents, and acid etch
Mechanical: aluminum oxide and solid carbon dioxide bead blasting
Ultrasonic: non-abrasive cavitation

Mechanical Cleaning Services  

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